Easy check for validity of paid vignette fee

Easy check for validity of paid vignette fee

Yazar: Vinetki.bg

The electronic vignette is activated immediately in the system. You can check the validity of your electronic vignette at www.vinetki.bg at any time.

After the changes introduced more than a year ago, the validity of vignettes is from date to a date, depending on the selected period (weekend, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly).

When paying the vignette fee, the transaction is immediately stored and the vignette is activated in the system, no matter whether on a business day or а holiday day.

The validity of the vignette fee is something we can easily forget in our busy everyday life.


You can check the validity of your electronic vignette at any time on www.vinetki.bg

You only need to enter the following two parameters:

  Country of registration of the vehicle

  Registration number


In addition to the registration number, it is important to select the country of registration correctly from the drop-down menu (not to be mistaken with the country of manufacture). To make it easy for users in the "Country of Registration" field, Bulgaria is set by default.

More details and instructions for correct data entry can be found in our blog.

  • 04-12-2019

One of the most preferred advantages of the user account of www.vinetki.bg is the receipt of email notifications for the expiration of the validity of a registered vignette.

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